Financially Well
The finance podcast for Millennials investing an inheritance or extra savings

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Financially Well
The finance podcast for Millennials who want to learn to invest with confidence

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Why a finance podcast for Millennials, specifically?  I created the Financially Well podcast to empower our generation to invest for our future. There's no shortage of personal finance news, whether related to student loans, housing costs, inflation, or something else. We also have access to plenty of generalized articles about how to save for college or what you need to be on track for retirement. What we need more of is  someone who can explain, with empathy and without judgment, what all of this personal finance information means to us.  Financially Well is designed to fill that void for Millennials.

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Hi, I'm Kevin! I created a finance podcast for Millennials so that you can learn to invest an inheritance, financial gift, or extra savings with confidence.

Why is this important to me?

 In my work as a financial advisor in Washington, DC, Millennials like you regularly ask for more practical, empathetic info about investing. I designed Financially Well to address this need.



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Gig Workers, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, and Teachers All Must Manage Variable Income

3 Steps Millennials with Variable Income Can Take to Invest Consistently

A specific process for when you receive a bonus or atypical paycheck can help you to invest more consistently. Get Financially Well, the finance podcast for Millennials

September 15, 2022


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Will Money Management in Retirement Be Easier Than You’ve Heard?

If you prepare for money management in retirement using the “4% Rule, you’re not likely to run out of money. Get Financially Well, the finance podcast for Millennials

August 15, 2022


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Why You May Not Need Fintech Apps for Investing on Your Phone

Fintech apps may benefit certain types of investors, but they also carry unnecessary costs and risks for others

August 1, 2022


Increases in income aren’t followed by similar increases in spending

The Most Underappreciated Reasons to Ask for a Raise

Increases in income aren’t followed by similar increases in spending. So new investment opportunities may be one of the best reasons to ask for a raise

July 15, 2022



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