Financially Well
The finance podcast for Millennials who want to learn to invest with confidence

Financially Well
The finance podcast for Millennials who want to learn to invest with confidence


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Why a finance podcast for Millennials specifically?  The Financially Well podcast is designed to do  help our generation in a way that is still all too rare. There's no shortage of personal finance news, whether related to student loans, housing costs, inflation, or something else. We also have access to plenty of generalized articles about how to save for college or what you need to be on track for retirement. What we need more of is  someone who can explain, with empathy and without judgment, what all of this personal finance information means to us.  Financially Well is designed to fill that void for Millennials.

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What to Do With an Inheritance

What To Do With an Inheritance Amid the “Great Millennial Wealth Transfer”

A financial windfall doesn’t free you from thoughtful financial decisions. So here’s how to prudently manage a small inheritance, such as a Vanguard inherited IRA.

May 15, 2022

Financial Planning

PSLF news, including the Limited PSLF Waiver, from Kevin Mahoney

Why Isn’t Your Qualifying Employer Promoting PSLF News?

Poor public service loan forgiveness communication means too many eligible borrowers miss important PSLF news, such as the Limited PSLF Waiver

May 1, 2022

Student Loans

Should Millennials Buy a Second Home First?

Second Home or Starter Home: What Should Millennials Buy First?

A low-cost “second home” in a remote location may actually improve your life. But if that’s not the case, Millennials have other options for building wealth.

April 15, 2022


Kevin Mahoney's Investment Quiz

The Free Investment Quiz for Millennials: 11 Concepts You Should Know

Millennials should feel empowered to invest their savings. Test your knowledge with this free investment quiz.

April 1, 2022



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Financial advice for Millennials should empower our generation to invest our savings.  Are confusing investment terms and concepts keeping you from financial confidence?