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What Does the Future Look Like?

What Will Our Finances Look Like in the Future?

I’m hopeful that my generation will think differently about money in the years ahead

May 6, 2020


Kevin Mahoney, CFP on Early Childhood Financial Literacy

When Should We Teach Our Child About Money?

New York Times columnist Ron Lieber writes candidly about the tough questions and situations that parents face as we try to teach financial literacy to our kids I’m privileged. My parents took an interest in giving me some type of financial education as a child. In high school, for example, I remember having lunch with […]

April 22, 2020

Financial Literacy

Kevin Mahoney, CFP® on Renting vs. Buying

Should We Rent or Buy a House?

Critics who claim that rent payments are a waste either don’t grasp that spending decisions reflect personal values or they’re just projecting their values onto you

April 8, 2020


Kevin Mahoney, CFP® on Sunsets, Beaches, and Retirement

How Much Money Should We Save For Retirement?

parents may have relied on a “retirement number” when calculating how to save for retirement, but for our generation, that approach rarely aligns with our priorities or financial realities

March 11, 2020


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