Each month, I share a free newsletter about money with 904 other Millennial parents. We talk about how to turn your money into memories with your family. 

Hi, I'm Kevin.

Hi, I'm Kevin. I write a free newsletter about money for 904 other Millennial parents. We talk about how to turn your money into memories.

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Personal finance should feel simpler, less daunting, and more accessible when you need to make decisions for your family. The articles that I'm sharing here offer frameworks for how you can move closer to this rewarding reality. 

Hi, I'm Kevin! I write about frameworks that Millennials can use to think differently about personal finance. I would love for you to feel confident about how you spend and save your money.

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 In my work as a financial advisor in Washington, DC, Millennials like you regularly ask for more practical, empathetic info about investing. I designed Financially Well to address this need.

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How You Can Overcome a Hesitation to Use Your Savings

What reasons do you give for not spending from your savings more often, even on special, one-time experiences with family and friends?

November 15, 2022


Frameworks For Thinking About Money

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Spending money on ____ is worth every ______.

Are You Earning Enough Memories From Your Money?

The book Die With Zero says you should exchange more of your money for memories. Get “Financially Well,” the finance podcast for Millennials.

November 1, 2022



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