Financial wellness programs for Millennial employees, 
from a CFP® Pro who empowers his peers with financial clarity

Financial wellness programs for Millennial employees,
from a CFP® Pro who empowers his peers with financial clarity


Financial Literacy Speaker

Financial uncertainty impacts how Millennials view their jobs. You need a guide who can address their anxiety & doubt.

Financial Wellness 
Program Provider

Financial Planner

As a Certified Financial Planner, the founder & CEO of Illumint, and a Millennial father in Washington, D.C., Kevin is well-positioned to understand the personal financial uncertainty that spills over into Millennial employees' work lives. Through daily financial conversations, Kevin has become an expert on and outspoken voice for how employee financial wellness programs can benefit his peers. Kevin's group presentations and one-on-one financial planning give Millennials the tools they need to overcome financial self-doubt & build the lives they seek.


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Financially Well

The Millennial Finance Podcast

On the Financially Well podcast, Kevin connects recent personal finance news to specific steps Millennials can take toward greater financial wellness. New episodes released each month on the 1st & 15th.

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Kevin Mahoney, CFP®

Millennial Finance,
On Demand

Where should Millennials start on the path to financial clarity? Get Kevin's one-page financial plan

Visit Kevin's YouTube channel for guidance on Millennial couples' most common financial discussions, including repaying student loans & saving for college.

Ryan Frailich, CFP®
Founder, Deliberate Finances

"Kevin is one of the planners I turn to when thinking through challenging planning situations. He asks thought-provoking questions, provides useful perspective, and challenges me to view problems differently. He's also always quick to help others in times of need, setting a model for the industry." 


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What's keeping Millennial employees from financial clarity?

Get actionable tips on how to juggle the financial tradeoffs that  create unnecessary self-doubt